The Insurance Offerings Your Team Deserves


Setting up an employee retirement plan is good for business. It’s a smart way to provide a key benefit for your employees which can lead to higher retention and attraction of talent, reduce the company tax burden, and save for your own retirement.

While 401(k) Plans are our specialty, my team and I can help you choose the retirement plan that’s right for you and your company. If your situation calls for a 403b, IRA, or other type of profit sharing, we’ll tell you that – no strings attached.

If you already have a plan, we offer a free, no obligation, bench-marking service to analyze the current fees and services to ensure you’re maximizing the benefit employees receive, while minimizing your costs.

How’s Your Plan Performing?

We use questions in 3 primary areas to determine whether your plan is meeting your needs.


Retirement Readiness

  • Do employees know how to plan for retirement income security?
  • Is their savings rate adequate?
  • Are employees investing appropriately for their age and risk tolerance?

Fair Value

  • Is your plan getting fair value for its size?
  • Are you using the best funds from your available universe?
  • Are your investment, administrative, and advisory fees fair?


  • Are you compliant enough to get through a DOL audit?
  • Are you remitting employee deferrals on time?
  • Do you have an adequate fidelity bond?
  • Do you have an Investment Policy Statement, and if so, can you document that you follow it?

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